Commentary: Cultural factors in first episode psychosis treatment engagement.

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Commentary: Cultural factors in first episode psychosis treatment engagement.

Schizophr Res. 2017 Aug 29;:

Authors: Kline E, Thomas L

Specialized First Episode Psychosis (FEP) services have been conceptualized in part around the issue of engagement. Creating treatment that is easier to access, with more frequent contacts, assertive outreach to clients between appointments, and an explicit youth-oriented culture could make services more attractive to those most in need of care. However, engagement has remained a mostly fuzzy, peripheral construct rather than the object of study in itself. As we recognize the importance of treatment engagement, we must prepare to address it more rigorously within psychosis and schizophrenia research. At the same time, factors enhancing or obstructing treatment engagement are inevitably local, rather than universal. The availability of care, its associated costs and stigmas, individuals' motivations for seeking treatment, and their beliefs and expectations about providers' roles are determined by local and cultural features. There can be no singular "best practice" for engagement - but curiosity about how culture and locale influence clients' willingness to participate in care, and creativity in how we account for and incorporate these variables into study designs, will help to shed light on the critical issue of engagement in FEP treatment.

PMID: 28864280 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]