[“That you stay free, but always know there is this support rod that I need”].

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["That you stay free, but always know there is this support rod that I need"].

Psychiatr Prax. 2014 Jan;41(1):29-36

Authors: Jürgensen M, Patzelt C, Meyer T

OBJECTIVE: Models of integrated care (IC) have a high potential to improve psychiatric care in a sectored health care system. The present study aims to delineate differences in the perception of psychiatric care after introduction of a regional IC-model in schizophrenic patients and family caregivers.
METHODS: Six focus group interviews with n = 32 schizophrenic patients and three with n = 17 family caregivers either from the region with IC-model or a nearby control region were conducted. Categories of the contents of transcribed interviews were developed and subsequently compared between persons with and without experience of IC.
RESULTS: Most participants of the IC-group were not aware to participate in an IC-model. Differences between IC- vs. non-IC groups were primarily related to feelings of security and experiences of flexibility of care which was ensured by the outpatient nursing service in the IC-model. This was noticeable both in daily living and in coping with crisis. No substantial differences were found with regard to the experience of cooperation of professionals, information and psychoeducation of patients as well as support for family caregivers, amongst others.
CONCLUSIONS: IC will play an important part in the psychiatric care of schizophrenic patients. It has the potential to integrate sustainable relations, general availability and needs-related care provision.

PMID: 23633148 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]