[Consequences of hospitalisations on smoking behaviour in psychiatric and somatic inpatients].

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[Consequences of hospitalisations on smoking behaviour in psychiatric and somatic inpatients].

Neuropsychiatr. 2014;28(2):56-62

Authors: Silberbauer C, Grunbacher E

BACKGROUND: To examine the differences and potential changes that occur in smoking habits among psychiatric and somatic patients due to and during their hospital stay in a general hospital.
METHODS: Inpatients of three departments (psychiatry,cardiology, pulmology) were given a questionnaire that asked for epidemiologic data and their smoking habits,including the Fagerstrom-Test. In order to achieve sufficient data, the questionnaire was administered twice on two different dates. Primary goal of this examination was to determine a potential change in smoking behaviour whereas the secondary goal was to check for differences between psychiatric and somatic inpatients and within the psychiatric diagnostic groups according to their smoking habits respectively. According to a lack of normal distribution of the data non parametric tests undvisual classifying were used for statistical analysis.
RESULTS: A substantial proportion (26.4 %) of psychiatric inpatients reported an increase in cigarette consumption or have restarted or newly started smoking cigarettes are due to their admission. On the other hand, none of the somatic patients did so, actually they showed higher proportion of being non-smokers. There were statistically significant differences between psychiatric and somatic patients in two age-groups due to their change in smoking habits and severity of nicotine dependence as measured by the Fagerstrom-test. Among the psychiatric patients sampled, those with schizophrenia and affective disorders showed high prevalence of being highly addicted smokers in 85.7 and 44.4 % respectively.
CONCLUSIONS: As a result of this small sample and hindered comparability of somatic and psychiatric groups of inpatients further investigations are needed to evaluate the influence of hospitalisations on smoking behaviour and to tailor suitable actions

PMID: 24659186 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]