[Motivational interviewing : A possibility for doctor-patient communication in schizophrenia?]

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[Motivational interviewing : A possibility for doctor-patient communication in schizophrenia?]

Nervenarzt. 2019 Apr 02;:

Authors: Reimer J, Kuhn J, Wietfeld R, Janetzky W, Leopold K

Motivational interviewing (MI) has become established nowadays as an approach for a cooperative style of conversation to promote intrinsic motivation for change by exploring and resolving ambivalences. The change of addictive behavior is no longer sought by exerting pressure or lecturing/converting attempts of convincing or persuasion but by activating existing but "buried" or newly acquired self-motivation to change. The MI is now also used to change the treatment of other health-related behavior and chronic diseases, including schizophrenic disorders. Compared to the efficacy of MI in the addiction area, the data situation in schizophrenic patients is still insufficient. According to the available studies, MI can positively influence important aspects of disease-related impairments, such as medication adherence, the frequency and severity of psychotic relapses, the duration of hospitalization, the level of function, insight into the disease and cognitive rehabilitation. The practical implementation of MI requires a good knowledge of the method as well as changes in treatment principles and work processes.

PMID: 30941459 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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