In vitro-in vivo correlation of parenteral PLGA microspheres: Effect of variable burst release.

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In vitro-in vivo correlation of parenteral PLGA microspheres: Effect of variable burst release.

J Control Release. 2019 Oct 22;:

Authors: Andhariya JV, Jog R, Shen J, Choi S, Wang Y, Zou Y, Burgess DJ

Development of IVIVCs is a very complicated process, especially for complex drug products such as parenteral PLGA microspheres with multiphasic drug release characteristics. Specifically, microspheres that exhibit an initial burst release phase are even more challenging since the in vitro and in vivo burst release phases may not be comparable if drug absorption is rate-limiting at this stage. Therefore, the objectives of the present work were: 1) to investigate the predictability of developed IVIVCs for the in vivo burst release phase based on the in vitro burst release phase of the formulations; and 2) to evaluate the impact of variable burst release on the predictability of the developed IVIVCs for two different types of microsphere-based drug products. Accordingly, Risperdal Consta® (Risperidone) and Lupron Depot® (Leuprolide acetate, LA) were selected as model products. Compositionally equivalent risperidone and LA formulations with variable burst release phases were prepared with manufacturing process changes (such as solvent systems and mixing methods). The prepared microspheres exhibited differences in critical physicochemical properties (such as particle size, porosity, average pore diameter, and drug distribution) and hence differences in their in vitro release characteristics (such as variable burst release and release rate). The in vitro and in vivo (rabbit model (intramuscular injection) burst release were similar for the risperidone microspheres but were significantly different for the LA microspheres. This had an impact on the complexity of the developed IVIVC models. Level A IVIVCs with the ability to predict various types of burst release were developed using time scaling and shifting factors. Moreover, it was observed that IVIVCs developed using formulations with less variation in burst release had better predictability and vice-versa. Thus, the present research has provided a comprehensive understanding of the impact of the burst release phase on the development, complexity, and predictability of IVIVCs for complex parenteral microspheres containing a variety of therapeutic molecules.

PMID: 31654687 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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