Interesting Reading

Non-adherence costs pharma $600B-plus in annual sakes: study (PDF, 371kb)

How the Pharma Industry is tackling medication adherence (PDF, 948kb)

Systematic Literature Review and Meta analysis of Medication Adherence With Once weekly Versus Once daily Therapy (PDF, 220kb)

Directly Observed Therapy for HIV Antiretroviral Therapy in an Urban US Setting  (PDF, 68kb)

Prospective Trial of CAE Plus LAI Antipsychotic Med in Homeless or Recently Homeless Individuals with SCH or SCA  (PDF, 394kb)

Adherence to Medications. Insights Arising from Studies on the Unreliable Link Between Prescribed and Actual Drug Dosing Histories (PDF, 1,846kb)

Medication adherence emerging use of technology (PDF, 267kb)

A Smartphone-based Medication Self-management System with Realtime Medication Monitoring (PDF, 2,265kb)

A spanish pillbox app for elderly patients taking multiple medications (PDF, 377kb)

Thinking Outside the Pillbox Medication Adherence as a Priority for Health Care Reform (PDF, 414kb)

Promoting adherence to treatment for tuberculosis the importance of direct observation (PDF, 158kb)

Brain and Plasma Pharmacokinetics of Aripiprazole in patients with schizoprenia (PDF, 2,267kb)

An introduction to non-adherence and psychotic illnesses (link to article on Pharmaphorum website)

Government ‘not investing in psychiatry’ (link to Times Article)

A Dry Pipeline for Psychiatric Drugs (PDF, 94kb)

Drug Companies Need to Push for Medication Adherence (PDF, 102kb)

HE Guidelines Document (PDF, 3,238kb)

Restrictions on Mental Health Products (PDF, 68kb)


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