A medication assessment tool to evaluate prescribers’ adherence to evidence-based guidelines in bipolar disorder.

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A medication assessment tool to evaluate prescribers' adherence to evidence-based guidelines in bipolar disorder.

Int J Clin Pharm. 2017 Jun 26;:

Authors: Al-Taweel DM, Alsuwaidan M

Background The goal of evidence-based clinical practice has led to an increased interest in the development of tools to measure adherence to national guidelines in different diseases. This aids in detecting and measuring inappropriate prescribing to specific patient groups by using quality standards extracted from evidence-based guidelines, and ultimately provide the basis of consistent standardized prescribing. Objective To design and validate a medication assessment tool to assess prescribers' adherence to international guideline recommendations in the management of bipolar disorder (MATBD). Setting Outpatient psychiatry clinic at a secondary healthcare setting in Kuwait. Method International guidelines concerned with the management of bipolar disorder were reviewed in order to develop MATBD. Face and content validity of the developed tool (MATBD) was performed with a research and expert group. A 4-point Likert scale was used to assess the expert group's level of agreement to individual criterion. Content validity ratio (CVR) was calculated for each criterion (n = 54) and the content validity index (CVI) was calculated for each section (n = 5) of the MATBD. Finally, feasibility testing was performed on 19 patient records to confirm the tool's fitness for purpose. Main Outcomes Measure Perceived relevance, utility, and clarity of individual criteria, and reliability of their application to clinical settings. Results Face validity and content validity were achieved with a research and expert group (n = 14). Content validity ratio (CVR) was demonstrated for 54 criteria; criteria with a negative CVR were removed. This resulted in a draft MATBD comprising of 52 criteria (CVI: 0.814). Feasibility testing on 19 patients' records resulted in a final MATBD comprising of 49 criteria divided into 3 sections: initial assessment, acute management and monitoring. Conclusion A medication assessment tool was developed and validated to be used as a means of profiling potential opportunities for medication therapy management optimization, and improving therapeutic interventions regarding the management of bipolar disorder.

PMID: 28653259 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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