[Treatment of depressive mixed states].

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[Treatment of depressive mixed states].

Encephale. 2013 Dec;39 Suppl 3:S179-84

Authors: Dubois M, Dassa D, Belzeaux R, Fakra E, Cermolacce M, Corréard N, Kaladjian A, Azorin JM

Mixed states are a frequent mood state characterized by the mixture of manic and depressive symptoms. Their clinical description has been studied for centuries but has known a renewal of interest recently. Several authors intend to redefine its diagnostic criteria to develop an appropriate therapeutic strategy. Current recommendations suggest to treat mixed depression as a mixed state whatever the dominant polarity is, and therefore according to the rules of therapeutic management of the manic state. Mood stabilizers and antipsychotic medications are indicated and have proven their effectiveness. Lithium, which was considered controversial, now appears to have some therapeutic value, especially in the prevention of suicidal behavior. The depressive component of mixed states, even pronounced, should not be an argument for a prescription of antidepressants, at the risk of aggravating clinical components such as irritability and impulsivity and increasing the danger of suicide attempt. Furthermore, electroconvulsivetherapy represents a real alternative ; psychotherapies have their place in relapse prevention and psychoeducation, but not during acute phases. Finally, an accurate assessment and appropriate management of suicide risk should be a constant concern for the clinicians.

PMID: 24359858 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]