Zysis is a privately-owned pharmaceutical company optimizing therapies for disorders of the Central Nervous System to improve sufferers’ lives.

Zysis is currently developing one new treatment. It is a once-weekly, oral tablet for the treatment of Psychotic conditions.

Once-Weekly, Oral, Second Generation Antipsychotic

The Psychoses remain an area of high unmet need – Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorders are difficult to diagnose and to treat effectively. One of the main issues is achieving high levels of compliance or treatment adherence amongst patients.

Any treatment that helps patients comply with therapy and therefore remain symptom-free is attractive to clinicians, carers and sufferers.

Zysis has reformulated an effective anti-psychotic compound to make it a controlled release, once-weekly, oral maintenance phase therapy. This improvement in dosing convenience could make a real different to many patients’ lives.

Zysis is substantially funded by Catapult Venture Managers.