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Zysis Receives US Patent for Long Acting Oral Aripiprazole Once Weekly
12/11/13 – ico_pdf (110kb)

An introduction to non-adherence and psychotic illnesses (08/01/14 – Russ Pendleton)



Zysis is a privately-owned pharmaceutical company optimizing therapies for disorders of the Central Nervous System to improve sufferers’ lives.

Aripiprazole Oral Once Weekly

ZY102 is a controlled release formulation of the existing second generation atypical antipsychotic agent Aripiprazole. Zysis has re-formulated the existing standard release product to generate an agent which can be dosed orally once weekly. This new controlled release version has completed Phase I bioequivalence testing, and is currently moving into Phase II PET scan/dose ranging studies.

Aripiprazole Oral Once Weekly offers another option for patients struggling with treatment adherence. At present, the only option as a next step is to move onto painful, once-monthly depot injections. This can actually result in worse treatment adherence as the patient can feel alienated, eventually become lost to the system and stop visiting the physician altogether. A Once Weekly Oral Aripiprazole treatment should improve staff-patient relationships rather than cause a deterioration.

The atypical class of antipsychotic agents remains outside any restrictions imposed on choice of individual product prescription in the USA.

ZY102 is currently available for partnering/out-licensing.